Faith Lutheran School provides the secure, nurturing environment that elementary school-age children need to explore and experiment. Our Christian-based programs strive to instill a life-long love of learning and a quest for knowledge among elementary school students from Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Our reading program uses sight words, contextual clues, and phonics. The goal of our math program is to develop a solid foundation through hands-on experiences and discussion. Students learn to excel in solving problems, engaging ideas and creating solutions. Our students become active thinkers, makers and explorers of ideas. They accomplish this through academic skill development, imaginative abstract thinking, and organization and discipline.

As they complete their elementary school years students will have begun to see themselves as capable individuals who use their gifts and talents for the good of others, armed with the key skills to excel in Middle School. Students annual celebrate a variety of traditional and special events. Parents are always welcome to participate in class activities.

It's time for some fun!

It's time for some fun!


In kindergarten, children begin to become active seekers of knowledge as well as independent and creative thinkers. Our kindergarten program encourages children to explore their emerging interests and skills, to appreciate literature, refine oral expression, build problem-solving skills, and learn to cooperate. We combine the best modern research-based teaching methods and materials, while emphasizing traditional values.

Our kindergarten program provides an enriched curriculum, which includes physical education, art, music, and library, by specialist teachers. We also have a special STREAM session each week. Our classroom is filled with materials for learning such as math manipulatives, hand-held devices, imaginative play areas, quiet corners, and cozy, book-filled reading space.

Learning is a partnership between the family and the school. We encourage our parents to be active participants in their child’s experience at Faith Lutheran School.

The kindergarten year is also full of opportunities to learn and discover outside of the classroom. The students enjoy a visit to Long & Scott Farms and to Orlando Repertoire Theater.

The kindergartners treat parents to singing performances at the Children’s Christmas Program, Fine Arts Program and are paired with older students for monthly activities.

1st Grade

Our primary goal for first graders is for each child to develop a strong foundation in reading and mathematics. Our first grade program provides the framework for children to develop a love of reading and writing, and to apply mathematical concepts to real-life problems. The students are busy with cooperative projects and multi-sensory learning activities, and they revel in their growing skills and independence. Social studies and science provide opportunities for students to explore their world and the environment. First graders attend weekly enrichment classes taught by specialist teachers including art, music, library, and physical education.

Special events and traditions for first graders include a Christmas party, 100th day of school, book reports, and writing class books.  First graders are paired with students from upper graders to do monthly activities.  In December, first graders have the opportunity to participate in our annual Christmas Pageant and in the spring our Fine Arts Fair and Week of the Young Child. Relevant fields trips are scheduled throughout the year including the Pioneer Village, the Orlando Repertoire Theater, Orlando Science Center and bowling with second andthird graders for the end of the year party.


2nd Grade

Second grade builds confidence in children’s academic abilities, which allows for more risk-taking and fosters the desire to discover more about their world. Our second graders are eager to learn how things work and explore concepts of time and quantity. Reading, writing, and creating stories are often their favorite activities. Our teachers provide a multitude of opportunities from which children learn and grow. Students learn to cooperate with one another and to appreciate the individual qualities of their classmates.

Second graders attend weekly enrichment classes including art, music, library, and physical education.

Special activities for second graders include special parent breakfast and creating a scrape book. In December, the second graders become participants in our annual Christmas Program. The second graders also pack goodie boxes for soldiers that are recovering at Walter Reed Medical Facility. Field trips include Lego-land, Orlando Repertoire Theater and the end of the year bowling party with first and third grade. 

3rd Grade

Our third grade program focuses on gaining competence and mastery of academic and life skills. The third grade curriculum expands on the skills gained in previous years and is designed to encourage our students to initiate and take responsibility for their own learning. Third graders continue to understand the concept of organization and time management. Learning how to work independently and being responsible for homework assignments is practiced throughout the school year. This is the first year they are responsible for an academic planner.

Using technology, hands-on activities, games, projects, films, guest speakers, and field trips, our third grade students are exposed to a variety of learning experiences which allow them to apply existing skills to new situations. Homework, tests, and quizzes are given in the major academic areas. Organizational skills, time management skills, and the development of good study skills are embedded into their learning and support the transition to fourth grade.

Each year, third graders have the privilege of being the primary readers for the annual Christmas program. Students explore the community by going on educational field trips to various locations within the central Florida area.

Engineering fun for second grade at Legoland.

Engineering fun for second grade at Legoland.

5th Grade

Fifth grade is the transition year from home room teachers to follow a rotating schedule for the first time. We encourage them to be independent learners, and teachers emphasize the importance of organization, independent study, and effective time management. Every Friday, fifth graders have a special organizational class to help with the transition. Fifth grade students, like all Middle School students, take classes in literature, math, science, English/grammar, and history. Fifth grade enrichment courses include art, physical education, and ochoir.

Fifth graders enjoy a number of social opportunities with our fifth grade students, including a day trip to the Nature Center and Orlando Repertoire Theater.   

4th Grade

Our fourth grade students learn to exchange ideas and value friendships, helping to create concern and respect for others. Our students begin to make the transition from a more teacher-dependent atmosphere to the climate of independence and self-sufficiency.

Fourth graders are proud of their role as models for the younger children and take responsibility to help their schoolmates both academically and socially throughout the year. Fourth graders also have the opportunity to participate in drama, and chimes.

The year is highlighted with a trip to St. Augustine.