Student practicing bells.

Student practicing bells.


Faith is proud to offer our students orchestra opportunities. 

Orchestra is available for all fourth through eighth graders, no matter the student's skill level. Students can participate in our orchestra. Orchestra practices are held in during the afternoon special classes.

The orchestra performs in two major concerts per year, a Christmas concert and a spring concert held on our campus.


Music instruction beginning at second grade with music classes. This includes singing, theory, and music appreciation. All students attend music class one or two times a week and are given numerous opportunities to perform in seasonal music productions, Christmas programs, dramatic presentations, and spring music programs.

Middle School Chorus is an optional program available to all fifth through eighth graders. Practice is twice a week during the afternoon study hall period. As a scheduled performance draws near, the Middle School Chorus will also hold additional after-school rehearsals. Performances include a Christmas and spring program.


Elementary School students in third through fifth grades interested in Drama may sign up for classes each semester as an after-school extracurricular activity. This class fill quickly, so don't hesitate to sign up if your student is interested. Performances include a spring production on campus designed by students for students.